SHARED CRUISES | Santorini Gems Morning Tour

Product overview

The cruise starts from Ammoudi port at 9.30 and sails below Caldera.

  • First stop: In the area of the Hot Springs for swimming. Sails past Aspronisi, Ancient lighthouse, Indian rock, Black Mountain.

  • Second stop: White Beach for swimming, snorkeling and for the barbecue on board

  • Third stop: In the area of Red Beach for swimming and snorkeling. 

  • Tour ends at Vlychada port.


Approximately 5 hours


Round trip transportation from your hotel (or a nearby accessible point) and back, with minibus.

Greek menu prepared on the spot (Greek salad, grilled chicken and pork fillets, roasted vegetables, pasta with red sauce, stuffed vine leaves, vegetarian meal)

Drinks (soft drinks, white local wine, beer, water)

Floating devices (ask the crew)

Towels (to be returned to the crew)

Blanket (to be returned to the crew)

Map of the island (ask the crew)

Safety briefing on board.

Leaflet with safety instructions in En/ Fr /Es / Ch /Kr (ask the crew)

English speaking crew.

WC & facilities for washing seawater off (ask the crew).


*According to the Greek law,all yachts and boats in Greece cannot moor directly on the beach. Sunset Oia has selected the best points for swimming and snorkeling, the closest possible from the beach.

*Please note the name of your accommodation/ hotel  at the comments section, and any other special request about your reservation.

*Please provide your contact details(or the contact details of your host). One day prior to the cruise, you will receive the pick up confirmation.

*Passengers have to remove their shoes, before embarkation.

*Bring a photo of your passport or ID card.

*It is recommended to have with you dry clothes, sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen.

*Hot Springs: It is good to know that catamarans/yachts keep a distance of 50 m from the warm sulfuric water of the Hot Springs bay. The temperature in the Hot Springs area  is up to 4 °C warmer than the open water. Guests swim securely close to the volcano. Dark color swimwear recommended.

*The duration of the tour is not the same throughout the season, especially the sunset cruise. During June, the tour lasts about 6 hours (longer daylight), while in October is about 4 hours and 30 minutes.